The History of BSRI

           In January 1963 the Institute was designated a national agency and since then had been aided by UNESCO under the Technical Assistance (Country) Program. As an autonomous research unit of Srinakharinwirot University, the Institute is mainly funded by the University's budget and partially supported from time to time depending on its research projects by some national organizations such as the National Research Council, the National Youth Bureau, and the National Education Commission, and also by international organizations such as UNESCO, UNICEF and WHO.


BSRI has two main functions: teaching and research.


           Regarding its main research function, the Institute has been conducting behavioral science research in many areas such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, education, economics, and political science. Especially research in socialization is emphasized in order to study causes and consequences of behavior for the development of the Thai society. Both organization-oriented and individual-oriented types of research are carried out.


           Research bulletins are published in Thai with summary in English and distributed to organizations both governmental and nongovernmental concerned with children and youth.

           As for the Institute's teaching function, between 1963 to 1975 the Institute collaborated with the former College of Education, Ministry of Education in offering a Master's degree program in developmental psychology, educational psychology, social psychology and experimental psychology, The graduates had performed several roles in their work places as behavioral scientists.

           In August 1975, when the former College of Education changed its status to university and was named Srinakharinwirot University, the Institute also changed its name to Behavioral Science Research Institute due to its larger scope of work and its status was recognized as the same as a faculty. With regards to the instruction, the Institute serving at first as an unofficial graduate school of the former College of Education, terminated the teaching function for 8 years due to the fact that Srinakharinwirot University has then established her Graduate School.


           Since 1984, the Institute resumed its main teaching function by offering the master's degree program in "Applied Behavioral Science Research" and also opened its doctoral degree program in the same area in 1994.



           The Behavioral Science Research Institute is an organization of international excellence in the field of behavioral science research.  The institute was set up with the objectives to create a body of knowledge, and apply towards improvement of the quality of life; and to produce researchers who are competent in approaching problems from various perspectives, morally upright and eager to learn; in addition to provide knowledge, service, and propose guidelines for prevention and solutions of social problems; as well as cooperation with other domestic and international organizations on academic development through teamwork, empowerment, and promotion of personnel morale.


Mission and Philosophy

           The Behavioral Science Research Institute is committed to pursue high inter-national standards of excellence in research and in postgraduate education for the betterment of national and international communities.

           Develop knowledge in conjunction with moral principles towards enhancing the quality of life.



           The Behavioral Science Research Institute endeavors to conduct research and produce graduate students who work towards improving the quality of life.



BSRI has been set up with the aim to fulfill the following objectives:

    1. Encourage research work to create a vast body of knowledge in Behavioral Science, and quality of life improvement for both the individuals and the society.
    2. Produce graduate students who are competent in behavioral science research, and uphold research ethics.
    3. Enhance the research atmosphere and stimulate cooperation in the multidisciplinary research arena.
    4. Disseminate academic knowledge and provide behavioral science research training.

BSRI Director

Prof Dr. William Line 1955
Prof Dr.Ernest E. Boesch 1955-1959
Prof. Dr. Hugh Philip 1960-1963
Prof Dr. Ramimas Sorathat 1964-1969
Prof Dr. Chancha Suvannathat 1969-1983
Dr. Penkhae Prachonpachanuk 1984-1988
Prof. Dr.Chancha Suvannathat 1988-1991
Assoc. Prof Dr. Pachongchit Intasuwan 1992-2000
Assoc Prof. Dr. Dusadee Yoelao 2000-2004
Asst.Prof. Dr. Wiladlak Chuawanlee 2004-2008
Assoc. Prof. Dr.Oraphin Choochom 2008-2012
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Dusadee Yoelao 2012-